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Our service makes it easy to create mobile applications for local businesses. No programming or design skills are required, just configure your app through easy-to-use dashboard in a few clicks and enjoy being mobile. Application works on iPhone, iPad and Android devices and will be availabe in app stores for your clients.

Get your fully custom mobile application in a few minutes.

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Features of mobile application builder

create mobile app for restaurants free

Restaurants & Bars

Mobile application for local restaurants, bars and pubs
  • Publish your menu, prices and services
  • Accept online reservations of tables
  • Share coupons and discounts
  • Publish contact information and map
  • Describe your history, interior and cuisine
  • Add customers' reviews
  • Share links on social networks and get more followers
  • Got something new? Notify clients with PUSH notifications!

Mobile App Demo Dashboard Demo

Car repair service

Mobile applications for car shops and dealers
  • Publish and update your services with pricing
  • Accept online bookings through mobile application
  • Add contact information and map
  • Publish coupons and special offers
  • Post a compelte information about your services, technologies and equipment
  • Share reviews of your past clients
  • PUSH notifications for instant contact with your clients

Mobile App Demo Dashboard Demo
Android app for car repair service
iPhone native application for beauty salon

Beauty salon

Mobile application for SPA & Beauty salon
  • List your services and accept mobile reservations
  • Share contact information and address with a map
  • Describe your salon to potential clients
  • Share discounts and special offers
  • Post reviews if your salon
  • Add links on your accounts in social networks
  • Use PUSH notifications to deliver news to clients

Mobile App Demo Dashboard Demo

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AppSew is a mobile app builder that is an ideal solution for iOS and android app development. It is easy to work with and fully intuitive. There is no need to have special programming skills of mobile app builder. No proficiency in mobile website design is required either. Mobile software takes care of all. How to make an app? How to become a true iOS and android maker? You do not need to puzzle over it anymore. Use your imagination and app ideas to stand out from the crowd in mobile marketing. AppSew is a very helpful solution. Its name speaks for itself. The tool saves time and provides you with a good base to make your ideas come true